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This is The Jewel of the Five Suns prototype made to run on a PC using the resources intended for the Amstrad CPC coming version of the game. This particular build allows the player to descend and fully experience 5 of the 10 dungeon levels that exist in the game. I believe It should offer enough of a gameplay experience for everyone who decides to download it and play.

Due to the fact that I'll be running a kickstarter campaign to make a much more advanced version of the Jewel of the Five Suns for the Sega Megadrive console, a compressed ROM file showing the preliminary graphical and audio expected state of the game should the project get 33% of its stretch goals funded is included in the game's directory.


If by any chance you enjoyed this version of the game, by kind enough to leave a comment. It always helps us game creators to know that our efforts give joy and satisfaction to players out there.
StatusIn development
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GenreRole Playing, Survival
Tags2D, Amstrad CPC, Dungeon Crawler, Indie, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike, Turn-Based Combat


Jewel Demo.rar 1 MB

Install instructions

Just extract the rar file into a place of your choosing and run the 'Jewel Demo.exe' file. The game will create a save file that will be updated every time you exit the merchant's menu, so if you want to keep permanent upgrades and gems but exit the game, it might be a good idea to do so by saying goodbye to the merchant first.

To use the Sega Megadrive ROM,  simply extract the compressed 'Sega Megadrive Rom' rar file and run the extracted 'jewel.bin' with your chosen Megadrive/Genesis emulator.

To play the game on the PC executable version use the arrow keys and space. Hit escape to exit the game. If you use the included ROM file on a genesis emulator, keep in mind that this version is hardly a sample of gameplay. It is there to show how visually different the game can be on a sega genesis console when compared to the base CPC version that the normal graphics have been created for. The control on the demo depend on the emulator used and should be defined through its included menu.


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I hesitated to leave some suggestions since your game's Kickstarter has already hit the main goal, but maybe this will help you in trying to reach your stretch goals.

The Kickstarter page needs to be more readable for people with accessibility issues. Specifically the story section & the stretch goals descriptions have very difficult to read text & they're on PNG graphics which means I can't use the browser's text zooming tools to make them easier to read or use a screen-reader application. It's important especially because I could not find any directions on how this game demo is supposed to be played. Were the directions on all those graphics of hard-to-read text? Or were they just not there at all? 

I hope this feedback helps you refine your campaign.

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to inform me of these issues! Truth be said, I've never used a mobile phone to access my kickstarter page, so being far too retro and preferring larger screens finally forced me to paid some sort of price according to what you are describing. I will try to take actions to remedy this situation. Regarding the controls, a description has been added in the itch.io page of the game. Again, thank you very much for bringing these issues to my attention!


Nice game, wating final CPC version, cheers !!!

Thanks :-D ! Trying to maintain the CPC compatible palette where possible, as it yields exceptionally satisfying results :-) . Hopefully, part of the megadrive version's ideas will be implemented on the Amstrad CPC's version of the game, memory issues being the final judge for that.